March 20, 2015

LDSS is planning a full day dedicated to supporting positive Health and Wellness. The Ontario Healthy Schools Coalition has offered funds to promote collaboration between education, public health, parents and students. Based on our application for funds, LDSS is planning a full day dedicated to addressing Mental Health and Wellness, and on May 6th, we plan to bring stakeholders together to raise awareness pertaining to the importance of mental health and wellness. The day will start with key note speaker Michael Eisen, the founder of the Youth Wellness Network, where he will share the principles, strategies, and practices that empowered him to start living a healthier life.
Multiple workshops will be offered in the afternoon, where students may select sessions which most interest them.

This is how our afternoon is shaping up:
Workshops include:

Mental and Physical Wellness Topics
• Therese Bowler, from Renewal Retreat will be talking about mental wellness and stress.
• Linda Moraes from the Perth District Health Unit will discuss sexual health and dating violence.
• Chris Kurz from Dynafit and Alison Brown from New U Fitness in Listowel will lead workshops on body image.
• Marie Struthers, teacher from LDSS, will talk about mental health.
• Mike Masse, from Choices for Change will talk about Mindfulness
• Joe Heenan, from Dynafit and Victoria Zimmerman from the Perth Care Alliance will discuss the importance of nutrition.
• Jeremy Tracey from Elmira, will share a lively discussion about wholistic health and wellness living.
• Craig Coghlin will discuss how to care for your body from a contemporary kinetic perspective
• Sandra Irwin will lead a group in a Reiki exercise

Fitness Involvement Workshops
• Graham Brown and Matt and Amy Fischer will lead groups in extreme fitness/crossfit, from New U Fitness and Our Town Cross Fit.
• Corrie Boer, parent and fitness instructor will lead a session on Zumba
• Tamara Hamilton will lead a fitness boot camp session
• Jon Immink, a senior student at LDSS, will lead a martial arts group.
• Yoga will also be offered as a session and, a trail hike will also be planned if weather permits.

Additionally, we are hoping to have sports psychologist ~ Rich Ennis from Laurier University, join us for a session.
The day will also be supported financially by Student Council and funds from the Compass Survey completed earlier this school year. If anyone in the community would also like to contribute or has a workshop or fitness idea, please call the school and ask for Mrs. Chapman.