Ontario Scholar

A student may be designated an Ontario Scholar if he or she satisfies both of the following requirements:
• He or she obtains an aggregate of at least 480 marks in any combination of ministry-approved courses listed below that provide a total of six credits
• He or she has been recommended by the school principal for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) in either the current school year or the previous school year.

Ministry-approved courses are the following:
• any Grade 12 university preparation, university/college preparation, college preparation, workplace preparation, and/or open courses authorized under OSS, including locally developed courses approved by the ministry
• cooperative education courses related to any of the above courses
• dual credit courses in college-delivered dual credit programs approved by the ministry

Conditions of award
The following conditions will apply:
• A candidate’s mark in any course shall be multiplied by the credit value of the course.
• Where a student obtains more than six credits in any combination of Grade 12 university preparation courses, Grade 12 university/college preparation courses, Grade 12 college preparation courses, Grade 12 workplace preparation courses, Grade 12 open courses, and/or dual credit courses, the highest marks will be used.
• Standing in either English for English-language schools or English for French-language schools (i.e., anglais/English under OSIS, English for French-language schools under OSS) may be counted, but not both.
• Standing in either French as a second language or français may be counted, but not both.
• A student previously designated an Ontario Scholar is not eligible for a second award.
• A student need not complete the courses in one school year in order to be designated an Ontario Scholar.
• Standing obtained at a conservatory or school of music – as outlined in section 2 of Policy/Program Memorandum No. 133, “Music Certificates Accepted for Credits”, January 5, 2004; in section 2 of appendix 4 of OSS; or in section 2 of appendix C of OSIS – may be considered for the purposes of the Ontario Scholar award.

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